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We provide project management consulting across a range of industries to help owners and contractors achieve superior results in the areas of project scope, schedule, and cost.  We also provide construction claims consulting, and arbitration and litigation expert witness services.

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Project Advisory Services

Our project advisory services support clients in achieving their objectives with project planning, development, and execution; design management, cost, schedule, and functional utility. We apply the project leadership principles developed by our founder, Michael J. Vallez, P.E., to help achieve projects that are on time and under budget. When engaged across the project life cycle, we can minimize or resolve disputes during and after project execution.

Construction Claims Services

Through our claims services, we provide forensic analysis to determine root causes and identify management accountability and quantum for project cost overruns, schedule delays, and other project problems. Our expert reports and testimony are thoroughly documented with reference to applicable contract and project documents, design standards, standards of care and construction practices.

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