Vallez International LLC

Heavy Civil and Mining

Heavy Civil & Mining Projects

Project Details

Keystone Underground Block Cave Mine

Owner: Rio Tinto/ Kennecott Utah Copper
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Total Planned Development: $3.5 Billion
Shaft Re-Development: $80 million
Role: Engineering Manager, Area Manager

Project Details

North Ore Shoot Shaft Development

Owner: Kennecott Utah Copper / Rio Tinto
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Project Cost: $100 million

Project Details

Carr Fork Copper Mine

Owner: Anaconda Mining/Atlantic Richfield Company
Location: Tooele, Utah
Total Project Value: $1.1 Billion
Role: Construction Manager

Project Details

Smelter Modernizations

Owner: Kennecott/Rio Tinto
Contractor: Dravo
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Combined Project Costs: $100 million
Role: Contractors Chief Engineer

Project Details

Mountain Pass Mine, Combined Heat and Power

Owner: Molycorp Minerals
Contractor: Bodell Construction
Location: Mountain Pass, California
Total Project Value: $100 million
Role: Project Director

Concrete Projects

Over his engineering and construction career, Mr. Vallez has had experience with all types of concrete structures including: